Our Missionaries

Over the last 25 years, TWR Canada has been instrumental in building a transmitting station in Benin and a studio in Venezuela, introducing Project Hannah to Africa, delivering the Gospel to Cuba, supporting ministry in Quebec, bringing Seminary on the Air (SOTA) to China, launching the worldwide web radio program Radio Organic for Chinese young adults, and sending dedicated missionaries to serve throughout the world.

Whether you're a journalist, broadcaster, techie, engineer, web designer, a family, a couple or single, with or without technical experience — there's a place for you at TWR Canada. Currently, there are over 80 Canadian missionaries serving around the globe with TWR.

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Missionaries Currently Serving:


Ray Alary, President TWR Canada

Ray began serving with TWR Canada in 1985 on the Caribbean island of Bonaire as a diesel mechanic and electrician. Ray is passionate about sharing the Gospel with the world. He lives with his wife, Sandy in London, ON. Ray is available to speak to church and community groups about the ministry work of TWR Canada.






Kirk Baskin

Kirk is serving in Johannesburg, South Africa in radio production, organizing and coordinating production training events for locals in remote locations. Kirk recently married Rachel, a full-time TWR on-air personality, and they just had a baby girl. They're asking for prayers for Rachel to obtain a Canadian Visitor Visa so they can visit Canada together.






"Tracy" has served with TWR for the last two years in China as the Team Leader of SOTA on the ground writing, editing, preaching, leading Bible studies, and assisting the Director of China Ministry Development as needed.







Hannah (Pops) Nel

Hannah is from Alberta and is serving in Johannesburg, South Africa on a two year assignment. She works as an Assistant Graphic Designer. She was in Canada in February 2014 where she was married to Johan. She plans to extend her time in South Africa.






Kevin and Lynn Baker

Kevin and Lynn are serving on Bonaire where Kevin serves as an Antenna Rigger, climbing and maintaining (and painting) the four towers, each 479ft tall, to ensure they stay in good condition and broadcasts can continue uninterrupted. Lynn works in the office helping as needed in radio programming, and hosts the many visitors they receive. They are thankful for the financial gifts that have allowed them to return to Bonaire.




Rick and Carol Hawkins

The Hawkins have been serving with TWR in the European Region for 20 years. Rick serves as the Computer Systems Administrator for the Netherlands office, is responsible for Internet security, and provides training on office applications. Carol coordinates radio program scheduling, and European sponsorship of broadcasts within TWR regions.




Greg and Ingrid Clarke

Greg began working with TWR in 1995 in Slovakia where he was involved in broadcasting to Russia. Following this, Greg worked in Swaziland, then in Johannesburg, South Africa. This past December, they returned to Swaziland, where Greg is working in IT and on the transmitters.




 Jeremy and Heidi Mullin 

Jeremy has served with TWR on the Caribbean island of Bonaire, in Europe, and now works out of the TWR Canada head office as the Media Support Specialist. Heidi is busy at home with 4 children, but makes time to volunteer in the office. 





Steve and Barbara Shantz

Steve is Chief Information Officer for TWR International.

Latest Update: They've been working on 2 projects they're asking you to praise God for. The TWR360 site is up and running -- a portal in several languages offering content from broadcasters such as David Platt, Michael Youssef, Project Hannah and others. In July "Hope For Syria", a 30 minute broadcast in Syrian Arabic, began airing, and there's already been some amazing responses. Barbara has been busy speaking and teaching about fundraising in India. 




McDaniel and Blossom Phillips

McDaniel and Blossom have served with TWR Canada since 1984 serving on Bonaire, in Cary, North Carolina, Singapore, and in January 2013 returned to Canada to serve in the TWR Canada head office. McDaniel will be providing oversight for the development of a new discipleship/training project called Discipleship Essentials. His primary role is as liaison in the development of ministry partnerships necessary for producing a program series in 27 languages. It's estimated to take five to ten years to complete this project.




Nathan and Megan Dunlop

The Dunlops began serving in Johannesburg, South Africa in March 2014. Nathan works as the Audio Technician. Nathan and Megan have three children: Ashlyn, Lindsay, and Corwyn.